Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Post

Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Post
SEO Friendly Blog Post

Writing is an art and it requires complete dedication and love for writing. If you are not involved in writing, you will not be able to make a single master piece. Whether you are writing for offline or online media, there is a need for dedication and full attention so that readers can fall between lines.

Online businesses need a high level of writing skills to attract visitors' attention. Writing good is not just important for your readers, it also increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score, which in turn brings a lot of free traffic from search engines like Google. If your writing piece is a good one, people will share your stuff with your friends and circles. Not only this, they will link back to you. These are invaluable things for the success of your site or blog.

SEO Friendly Blog Post

Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Post
SEO Friendly Blog Post

Proper Planning

Before starting to write, there is a need to think about the topic several times before. Deep subject information helps in speeding in writing because you will not face the lack of ideas. You must have the answers to the following questions at the beginning:
What message are you going to give?
what is your purpose?
Who are the target audience and the voice in which you want to write an article?

Structure the article

Your article should be well structured, so that readers can easily understand without any confusion. A long post with more than one page should be structured in such a manner that the reader should not be lost in the subject. Most of the time, due to more articles, readers forget the purpose of the article and become confused. Therefore, they leave the site with immediate effect and start searching on search engines for other goods. So, you will start losing website traffic in the long run. I have seen many bloggers say that writing an article of at least 1000 words to get SEO benefits. But if your article is completed in 500 words, why do you make it lengthy by adding unnecessary information, which your users are not ready to read.

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Paragraph Division

If your article is long, then dividing it into many paragraphs in a logical sense is a good idea. The division should not be to do only. Instead, if you are going to discuss or share something different from the paragraph above, create a new paragraph. I have seen the whole article, without making paragraphs to some new bloggers. It attracts the attention of a poor and loose reader.

Headings make the difference

Headings are helpful in not only optimizing your article but also friendly to the reader. There are many top types like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. In your article, try to use at least one H1 and an H2 tag. With this, your blog post is getting better placement in the position of search engine ranking and you will start getting free organic traffic. One more thing, you can use long-term keywords and LSI keywords as headings in your blog post so that when the search engine indexes your post, it can be tagged with these long term and LSI keywords.

Proof read your post

Before publishing your blog post, it is highly recommended that you read any of the questions in the English language to read the proof to read the proof. Once she reads your article, ask her to tell her what she has learned from the article. If he tells you what you have tried to write, do not look forward and click on Publish button to make your article alive and accessible to the general public.

Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Post
SEO Friendly Blog Post

Signal Words

Signals are considered to be key players in order to attract the attention of your blog readers. There are words like, first and second, at the end, that people pay very much attention while reading because it shows that something new is revealing or revealing. Not only that, other words like, in fact, still and certainly attract a lot of attention and should be used wherever possible.

Length of your article

Google likes unique and fresh content. If your article is only 2 to 3 lines, then do not expect any good response from the search engine. Therefore, try to make your article at least 500 to 1000 words but in the meantime, your reader should not be bored. In addition, you should use 1% to 2% of your articles for those keywords that you want to get ranking in search engines to run organic traffic.

Link back to previous posts

If you are writing something, you have already written it, then it is the right time to refer to the old post in the new one. This enhances the authority of your blog and improves its search engine ranking status (SERP). But do not interlink with unrelated posts because it will destroy your blog authorization and will penalize your content in the long run, which any blogger would not want to accompany or accompany him.

Regular Updating

If you post articles after a long time, then it is very bad when it comes in the position of search engine ranking. In order to attract the attention of search engines, you have to add relevant and specific content often. Typically, 4 to 5 posts in a week do well to maximize the dominance of the search engine. However, it depends on the niche of your blog. A news blog requires hundred articles on a daily basis, so you have to understand the trend. So, industry and niche will define how often you need to add your articles to get feedback from the search engine.

The Right SEO Plugin

The plug-in has also come after the blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger has arrived. Joey and All In One SEO, SEO Plug-ins are the best tools to use with your blog post. This page will maximize your post keeping SEO factors in mind.

Last Word

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