Best Tips for How to Get Traffic From Images

Best Tips for How to Get Traffic From Images
How to Get Traffic From Images

When you see an image, you can easily tell if it is running very fast. Google's search spiders are not so smart still. So, now you have to explain things for them. Using words. Google is comfortable with words. And the more clearly you make it, the better it is.

Before starting about the subject, you should be familiar with the traffic that uses images. Well, visual content makes your article strong. If you believe in an article without any photos, then anyone can feel dull and boring in reading it. Therefore, images play an important role in an article.

How to Get Traffic From Google Images

About 10% of main traffic is generated by image.google.com. It shows how large the amount of traffic has been coming from using Google Image.

Google Image is viewed more than 1 billion times in a day.

Therefore, with the above concern, it is certain that we are dealing with a large number of traffic. Even ordinary search gives results to images.

All you need to know is how to run traffic using Google Image. All you have to do is learn how to customize your image for Google.

How to Optimize Images for Google

Well first you should be familiar with SEO Basics. If you are not, then you are not ready to read this article. Images rank exactly as sites do. Therefore, we have to learn how to be in position 1 on page 1 of SERPs. Along with doing something new, the difficulty always increases. Basically, image search is densely populated because you can see a total of 5 to 6 photos in a row. What, it depends entirely on the quality of the picture provided. Using Google Images, a drive can be taken for drive traffic, but it is only the quality of the picture that will give good traffic in the future.

Well, do not lose hope, you need to customize your photos otherwise it will be lost in SERPs. Like the keyword SEO for the text website, you have to use image SEO for the photo website.

The first step to running traffic using Google Images is to edit your file names. Edit keywords.

        Get Traffic From Google Images

Secondly, you need to tag your image completely. It will help the search engine to know what your image really is about. Alt tags must always be keyword-oriented. This helps you to run your traffic using Google Image. Do not work smart and do not try to keep as many keywords as you want. It can report your website.

Use tools like Image compressor to reduce the size of your photo. You might think that I'm a sensible, but keep in mind that compressing your image can help to load it faster, which can help you run traffic smoothly using Google Image .

Therefore, as you know how to optimize your image, we can move forward.

Creating Unique Images

Sometimes this stock photography is useless to be true. It's sometimes OK but in order to run traffic using Google Image, it needs to get an original image that can actually reflect the image and originality of your article. Unique pictures can easily beat stock images at any point of time at this time. Okay, you need to trust me otherwise you are taking your website wrongly.

Picking up Related Keywords

This is the best way I've ever met. If you select some related keywords, you can easily run traffic without any error. You can not just pause on your focus keywords. The use of latent semantic indexing (LSI) is also important. It sounds complicated, is not it? Well, this is not the case, the chart below will explain it easily.

Two SEO keywords come with a similar search result. I know that you do not trust me, you can try it yourself. With the help of LSI keywords, you can run traffic using altog tag using Google Image, try to use it only on your most popular pages.

Use of relevant images

Stop submitting your page with irrelevant images. It does not make any sense. Try to keep it small and crisp, which helps in driving traffic using Google Image. You can seldom go with the pictures found on the internet. You can try pictures of actors and actresses that can help you run good traffic.

Name every image with keywords

Your business is found through your images, therefore, your images are, therefore, your business, easily found through your images if you name them with keywords in them. Suppose if you are selling a product, then provide its name. And if one object.

Most cameras generate a random number like 123456.jpg. Take your time to rename and tag your images and you will be able to use them as valuable business assets. Think of stocked stock photos, which can tag your photos with keywords. Also remember that Google has one of its own image search engines, so key-wording and tags give you another chance to find your content and site.

Use alt tags after adding Images

The required alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image when the image is not displayed. If a user can not see it for some reason (due to a slow connection, an error in the src attribute, or if the user uses a screen reader), the Alt attribute provides optional information for an image.

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How to Get Traffic From Images

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