Touchpad not working in laptop

                             Touchpad not working

touchpad repair
touchpad not working

* Check if accidently disabled touchpad

Every laptop keyboard has a built in hot keys that you let enable/disable the touchpad. 
Every laptop manufacturer has a combination of different functions (fn) for it.

For Lenevo, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus laptop try using the following key combination.

1. fn+f6
2. fn+f9
3. fn+f12
4. fn+f5

It can be of any function from F1-F12, a small touchpad has been given on that function key. so, look closely. once you find it, hols "Fn" key and then press that function key.

* Enable Touchpad from mouse setting

Open start menu and type 'mouse setting' and open the first thing that comes touchpad setting and make sure the enable touchpad option is checked. Also see the taskbar icon for the touchpad icon (near the volume control) and see if it is disabled.

* Re-install Touchpad Drivers

Download or update your laptop's touchpad drivers.

1. Go to "device manager" and find touchpad driver and update it.

* Enable Touchpad from BIOS configuration

Enter in BIOS setup, and navigate inside the BIOS utility.

Open the following
System properties > keyboard/mouse feauters > device options.

From there find the internal pointing device or touchpad, press enter and use arrow key to enable or disable it.

* Reboot your laptop

Shutdown your laptop, remove battery for about a minute, Re-attach the battery then start the laptop.

* Make sure Touchpad is securely connected

touchpad repair
touchpad not working problem

Disassemble the laptop, make sure the touchpad is securely connected to the mainboard sometimes hard bumps/hits cause touchpad to loose its connection.If this doesn't work,it's time to replace the touchpad.

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I think you know how to repair the touchpad of your laptop and also bookmark this website for more information like this.