Tips for solving computer and laptop hanging problem

Fix hanging problem in PC or Laptop

tips to solve hanging problem
PC or Laptop hanging problem

* Reboot/Restart your system

It will make the PC to clear the cache, clear RAM memory,a farm of computer data storage your PC need to operate properly and force registry  read, "tuning"
 your computer up a bit.

* Not enough free Hard drive space

Verify that there is at least 25% of free hard drive space, and increase, when possible.

* Hard drive Corrupted or Fragmented

1. Diagnose and repair your hard drive.
2. Run "scandisk" or something equivalent to verify there is nothing physically wrong with the computer's hard drive.
3. Run "defrag" to ensure that data is arranged in the best possible order.

* Too many Background Programs

Remove or disable any startup program that automatically starts the computer boots every time.
To see what programs are running in background and how much memory and CPU they are consuming. Open Task Manager using (ctrl+shift+esc).

* Infected with Virus or Malware

If you suspect your PC has been infected. you need to scan your PC. Spyware and other Malware  are a big cause of many computer problem including a slowing your system.

* Hardware conflicts and outdated software

Use computer's "Device manager" to verify that your computer has not hardware conflicts and to troubleshoot if necessary, and also update your computer drivers.
You can also use Third party Software to update drivers like (Driver easy).

* Your version of OS or other software is out of date

1. Make sure you have all the latest windows updates installed in the computer.
2. If you are on the internet when computer slow also make sure all browser plugins are up to date.

* Computer or Processor is overheating.

Make sure your computer and processor are not overheating.Excessive heat can cause a significant decrease in computer's performance.

* upgrade your memory

Upgrade your RAM or Hard drive to get out of this problem.

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