Line on display in PC or laptop

Fix Line on display problem in PC or laptop

vertical and horizontal line on PC or laptop
line on display

The horizontal or verticals lines on the computer screen caused by various issues, ranging from outdated graphics card drivers, incorrect video cable connections to defective ribbon cabels.

* Update graphic card

You shall upgrade it to the latest version to solve the driver compability problem.

* Adjust Screen Resolution settings to fix laptop/computer screen

Incorrect screen resolution settings could also result in the horizontal or vertical lines on the computer screen. to get rid out of this problem, you need to adjust the screen resolution settings. follow this steps

Go to your desktop screen and right click on the empty place.

Click Display setting.

the setting window will open select advanced display setting at the bottom of the screen.

A lot of screen resolution will be available to you. set the resolution drop down menu to the setting that has the (recommend) text next to it and click OK.

* Reconnect the video cable.

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If your ribbon cable is defective, you could replace the ribbon cable with new or one of the same connection.* Replace the Ribbon cableIt may be related to the incorrect video cable connection. you could also try to reconnect the video cable to the screen and then check whether the horizontal or vertical lines are gone.