How to speed up your PC

Over time your PC creates an array of unnecessary programs, files and data within your storage. We are going to show you the tools that we are recommending how to remove these issues that can slow down your PC's performance.
how to speed up your pc
how to speed up your laptop

We are also going to recommend some tools that ensure that you have all the latest drivers installed and others who help you to handle sensitive personal information properly.

How to increase the speed of your PC

Before using any software, delete the temporary file from the computer's own command, this will make your system a bit fatter, here are the commands.

First open Run command using Win+R. and type this commands one bye one

1. temp
2. %temp%
3. prefetch

In all this folders you'll find some temporary files just select it and delete it.

After that we have some list of best software, this will turn your computer into rocket.

CCleaner (Recommended)

how to speed up your pc

One of the most suggested apps for this task is CCleaner.
This program checks your PC for any nonsensical, duplicate, broken or corrupted files and removes them with the click of a mouse. If you wish, it will also automatically remove cookies and browsing data.

You can come to CCleaner's website to download it for free.

Should I Remove It?

how to speed up your pc
should i remove it

Even the most experienced PC users will sometimes come across a program or file on their PC, whose purpose they do not know. Should I remove it is a great software that looks at the programs installed on your PC and tells you what they do, so that you get the information that you can remove the program or not, more informed options on this Can create.

You can remove over-to-eat website and download the app for free.

EF StartUp Manager

When your PC is powered on, Windows will start the program automatically. If you have a lot of programs to run on startup, then it can dramatically increase the time it takes to power your PC.

EF StartUp Manager tells you which programs will run automatically at the start of your PC and will manage the process more efficiently to run and run as soon as you can.


how to speed up your pc

The registry is the core of software operation on your computer. You can access it yourself, but it is kept hidden so that people do not accidentally reach there, which can cause serious consequences for your machine.

If you need access to the registry for any reason, please make sure that you have already returned it.

Regseeker checks your registry and removes any unnecessary entries or errors from previous programs that the entries are left behind when they were uninstalled, or even existing programs that have been corrupted or broken .

You can download Regseeker from its website.

Secure Eraser

how to speed up your pc
secure eraser

Secure Eraser provides the option of your Recycle Bin, removes files and information in such a way that it can not be recovered.

If you often deal with sensitive data or want to make sure that any personal information you want to delete is irreversible then the secure eraser is the right tool. visit this website for download.

Update Star

how to speed up your pc
update star

The update star helps ensure that all software running on your PC is up-to-date. This is a great small device that reminds you of the updates of your software in one place and keeps your drivers ready to go.

You can take a look at the update star on its website.