Windows or Linux – Which one the best?

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

In this article, I will discuss windows vs. linux operating system. And you should also share why we should use Linux.

I have been using Linux for almost one years.

Although Linux has some limitations, its performance is great. With its powerful security system I did not get a virus attack in Linux Apart from Linux, I'm also using Windows 7. I use Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7. I was attacked twice in Windows 7 by the virus. Therefore, with my experience, I want to share some advice for Windows and Linux users.

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

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For Windows users:

The pirated windows are the main culprit. It has the lowest security system which causes various virus attacks. Therefore, if you need to use Windows, then use the genuine version of Windows.

Microsoft's security was resisted to the virus when they attacked, but it never took action before the virus attack. Because of keeping this application light. Therefore, if you see that the PC has a virus, but security is not necessary, then no action will be taken. But if you have any doubts, then my advice is to use Avast antivirus to take action against that virus.

Use Firewall: Enable Windows Firewall from Control Panel. The firewall will confirm that your apps can not access the Internet without your permission.

Internet Explorer offers several options for your windows. This is a major type of security risk and is the best way to detect virus infection. Therefore, update your Internet Explorer to the latest version or if possible use another browser.

Before using any software, make sure that it is a trusted company software. Do not use it without software information. If you want to know about any software, just go to google.com/search and type the name of the software. This will give you detailed information about that software.

For Linux users:

Linux needs security! After hearing this, you can think that I am joking with you. But seriously, except for the Linux virus attack. It can also be attacked by a virus. Linux malware is now targeted to the server because Linux is not very popular on the desktop. But when Linux is becoming more popular, then the virus will come to the desktop. So, now Linux users should be careful.

Linux secures the most power in its online repository Their software has been tested and there is no risk to use. Therefore, as far as possible, use the application from the store. Most of us use applications from third party repos. We must first know about that repo first.

Getting root permissions of Linux is very easy, just add 'sudo' or 'easy gksu' before the command. Therefore, think better before giving root permission to third parties or applications that are not installed from the Linux Online repository. Linux's internal security system is not very well worried about it. Just be careful. But the security system has also increased the windows. Windows 7 is much safer than Windows XP. After all, users need awareness for safety well.

Now the question is why should you use Linux? Okay, for better understanding why you should use Linux, install Linux Destro and do some development work, then the same thing happens with windows. Hope you get accurate proofs and good understanding. Now lets read some Linux features.

Linux facility

1. Linux is primarily a UNIX based system. Linux is not UNIX, but like Unix. If you use a Unix based system, you will have some opportunity / feature on software development work, but there are many difficulties in getting this feature in the Windows operating system. Just read it on Google to find out more about it.

2. The world's most dangerous virus was written for windows, this is the reason that the virus attacks the windows. The Windows program does not work in Linux, so that the virus can not attack it. So, you can use Linux without worrying about viruses or antivirus.

3. Linux is a very lightweight system. If you use a Pentium four processor and 512 MB RAM or other low-end RAM, then it should be useful. So, in a simple word, Linux is free, safe, free of a virus that is promoting or marketing. But if you want you can use Linux, you can break all Linux parts and research each part. Almost you can learn about the operating system.


After all, most of us use windows that are free. Because the paid version of windows requires money. Therefore, when we are using free windows, we prefer to be a thief! Linux is free and open source. So, anyone in Linux can contribute with you. Linux has the same features as those in Windows. In addition, there is no virus in Linux. Therefore, I always suggest that you work with Linux to get better performance from Windows.

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