Fix Automatic Restart Problem in Windows

Fix Automatic Restart Problem in Windows

Check common reasons for the issue. Some of them are Software/drivers conflicts, hardware issues and virus infection.

fix automatic restart problem in PC
automatic restart problem

* Software or Driver conflicts.

When your PC acts strange, first verify the last installed software or drivers on your computer has no compability issues.after installing new software or driver on your PC, if it has any compability issues,you may face this issue.If you think the automatic rebooting issue started after installing any software or driver, you need to uninstall all the software. If the problem persists even after uninstalling the software then you can restore.the system.

* Hardware Issues

1. Heat Related issue

Brand new laptop and PCs are designed in a way to shutdown or restart automatically if the processor heat exceeds a certain in level, make sure your laptop or PC have not any heat related issue.

2. Corrupted System Memory

If the RAM moduler in your PC are corrupted, that may cause automatically system reboot. To verify this, you should start with your PC's second piece of RAM.

3. Dust particles in your system cabinet.

Presence of dust particles in CPU may trigger automatically system restart.If is agood practice to clean system cabinet to make your PC free from dust particles.

4. Test Power Supply.

Make sure your computer either shutdown or reboot automatically without warning.Test it, and if you find any issues with power supply, replace it immediately.

5. Possible loose connection

It is also advised to disconnect hard disk, DVD drive from motherboard and reconnect to avoid any loose connection.

* Possible Virus Infection

Some computer viruses are powerful that reboot your computer without your permission.
It's better to scan viruses on your computer using a reputable antivirus software.\

Note:- By default windows set automatic system reboot in every system failure. You can disable it under start up and recovery. You will see a checkbox to stop automatically reboot.

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