Increase Visitors on Your Blog Using Social Networking

             Now with the increase of internet worldwide, power of blogging is also increasing rapidly. Everyday many blogs of same genre are being launched which is creating difficult for bloggers to bring users to their blogs. Bloggers has to make efforts to bring users to their blogs to make it popular. Social Networking has become very popular now and everyone is available on one or other social networking website like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus.

             The "Facebook" is one of the best way to promote the blog and bring fans or friends to your blog. In order to increase the blog page in search result or attract more users, one has to work on Facebook's algorithm known as EdgeRank. It has been proven by scientists that  visual stimulation is more active in humans than reading something. By posting images and videos on Facebook page help in increasing the EdgeRank because users or followers will see the images or videos more interestingly and tend to comment or like. If more users visits your blog's Facebook page and comment or like your page so it will help to increase the EdgeRank similarly to Google page rank which depends on traffic. But the blogger should not forget the reason he/she has came to Facebook and don't focus on the content of the blog posts. The blogger should always remember that he/she is not Facebook marketer and thus not spend whole time on Facebook.

             The question is how to bring users from Facebook to the blog, so just add link to your blog in the about section of your facebook page. The reader might be thinking, it is obvious and blogger will do it, but I have seen hundreds of pages where bloggers or website owners have not done it. Now, how to make it popular among your friends, share your page link on your Facebook profile and share your blog posts on your Facebook page. It will surely help bloggers to bring users on their blogs.

            Twitter is also very helpful to bring users back to your blogs. It is very simple also, you just need to first figure out the peoples to whom the blogger is targeting. Just start follow those peoples and start sharing your blog post on Twitter. If blogger is using WordPress than blogger can install twitter plugin which will automatically tweet the blog post on twitter.

I hope, this will help many new bloggers or those who don't use Social Networking to promote their blogs to gain users for their blogs.

Author Bio:
             I am Maria Watson a counsellor and working with assignmenthelpworld.com. I try my best to help students identifying the right career goal and interest.