Invisible Yahoo Detector

Invisible detect users on Yahoo! Messenger (YM)

        Use our Invisible Yahoo Scanner to detect if a Yahoo Messenger users is in fact offline or just invisible.

         Have you ever wondered why a person appears offline in your messenger list all the time? Have you ever asked yourself the question, whether someone is truly offline or is he invisible? Did you ever want to detect invisible users from your messenger list? Were you looking for an invisible scanner? Well, you can stop looking now, because you found one of the biggest and fastest invisible detector available online.

          For a couple years now, we have been detecting invisible messenger users with our yahoo detector. There is no more hiding your yahoo status, our invisible scanner will detect invisible users and not only that! Use our invisible detector and you shall not only spy your buddies, but you will be able to see their true yahoo status and we will reveal their avatars. You can also download his or her avatar with the help of your invisible scanner.

          Since there had been questions and rumors lately about whether these invisible scanner really work, we only ask you to check it out yourselves. Since our invisible scanner service is permanently online you don't have to download anything and you don't have to create any account. Therefore you won't get viruses, malware and we will most definitely not try to steal any information from you and not spam you either. The only thing we do is invisible detect Yahoo users. You don't believe we can? Try it! Set your yahoo status as invisible. When you will become an invisible messenger user, you can test our yahoo detector scanner. It will work!

          So let's see what our yahoo detector does. First of all our detector yahoo does not spam. We have a strict anti-spamming policy. Furthermore our yahoo detector does not require downloading or an account registration. In order to use our yahoo detector all you have to do is go online, come to our site, IMvisible.info and check your buddy's yahoo status. After you have detected invisible messenger users you can also keep them in your buddy list if you want to check their yahoo status again later on with our invisible detector yahoo.