How to fix your Android phone

The demand for Android phone has always been high, but there could be technical hitches. Need to make an urgent business call or an emergency call and suddenly your mobile does not respond, that’s the last you want to face. Before you begin with the fixing phone, do not forget to take a backup of the files. This is an important thing to remember since there is always a chance to lose the phone’s memory and lose valuable data. To fix the issues with your android mobile there are various methods and it includes -

One of the most commonly followed way of fixing the technical hitch primarily starts with removing the battery of the phone and putting it back again. This is one of the simplest solutions followed by most mobile users or service centers. One of the reasons why this method is followed is by taking the battery out; the user is forcing the device to reset by itself. And by fixing the battery once again you are loading the device.

If the technical hitch doesn’t stop there, it could probably be a software issue. Software updates can be a major reason to fix a technical issue. One of the important factors to remember while going in for a software update would be charging your phone completely and ensuring an internet connection. Because the updating process could be time consuming and it may drain the battery.

The phone updates will be available in the phone settings and upon reset updates will take place. In case if the user is unable to reset the updates, he can connect the device to a computer and follow instruction and do the required software updates. In spite of a software update if the phone still does not work, the user may try out resetting the factory settings. By setting the phone in the factory mode, you will gain back the basic setting of your device.

Before trying the factory setting, the user needs to ensure that the data backup is taken. By setting the factory resetting, the phone memory is erased and all stored data will be lost. The device will be rebooting after the resetting process. The process brings back the original setting of the device or rather the factory state. These are the immediate steps to recover your smartphone and the process that can be followed in case the user faces a technical glitch.

Julian Robert works with Zco's android game development team as a copywriter.