Two Top Paying Sites for completing tasks

Two Top Paying Sites for completing tasks

Hi friends I found two great sites which pays for completing tasks online. They cut and distribute the work given by the companies into tasks to the workers. Every worker get paid for completing this tasks online. The works are like copy pasting, finding email addresses, completing surveys, picture to text, etc...

The Sites:

1.) MobileWorks:

The community of MobileWorkers comes from around the world and has a wide range of skills and abilities. Some users work for just a few minutes a day, and others complete tasks for many hours. You can work as long as you want, whenever you like.

Click Here to go to that site...

2.) mTurk:

Step 1: Find work
Search or browse through the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and click on the one that interests you.

Step 2: Work on your HIT
Accept the HIT and follow the instructions. When you're done, submit your work.

Step 3: Get paid for your work

After the requester approves your work, money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account.

Click Here to go to that site...

After opening the site to signup click Sign in as a worker at the top right corner of the page. Then select Iam a new user and sign in with your email and password.

That's it.

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