Make Applications Always Open Maximized

If you are facing a problem like me (i.e) clicking maximize button each and every time when opening a particular program, then you are at right place to get rid of it by making it to get always opened maximized by following this simple technique,

Steps to follow:
  • Locate the application.
  • Right-click and choose Properties.
  • Click the Shortcut Tab.
  • In the Run field, select Maximized as mentioned in the above picture.
  • Click OK and close the dialogue window.
  • The next time, the application will run in a maximized window.

Note: You have to do this tweak for every application you want to open in full view. After doing this to every applications that you want always to get opened maximized it wont open minimized until you minimize it by clicking the minimize button.

That's It! :)

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